Welcome to G.T.V. Almrausch Website

Based in Philadelphia, the G.T.V. Almrausch is one of the oldest Schuhplattler Vereine in North America.

Explore our web page to learn more about our club and Schuhplattler dancing or come to one of our practice sessions (every Monday night, except during the summer, and the 1st Monday of the month) at the Cannstatter Volksfest Verein.

The G.T.V. Almrausch will be celebrating its 88th Stiftungsfest on Saturday, April 27, 2013. Further details can be accessed by clicking on the Stiftungsfest link in the Sidebar.

If you are interested in having the GTV Almrausch perform at your event please contact us using the Contact Us link available on our menu and navigation bar.

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